Choir and musicians perform at Flight 93 National Memorial

Thanks to all who participated in Shanksville on Sunday 9/11/2022!  It was a very moving ceremony. Speakers included Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Meyers from Tree of Life* Or L'Simcha in Pittsburgh and Dr. Jill Biden. Annick directed the choir in a wonderful performance of "September Morning" and other choral works, assisted by pianist Nicholas Carroll and trumpeter Thomas Simpson.  Details and links will soon be posted inside under News and Performances  ("About" button above).  


"In the sky over Western Pennsylvania, an immense and beautiful bird flies..."


The inspiration

"In the aftermath of September 11, 20​01 many artists struggled to express their feelings.  

I was one of them..."



David M. Kanter has been  arranging, performing and teaching music in the Baltimore/Washington DC area since 1972.


Information on how to purchase and download a PDF version of the score for your church, school or musical group.

20th Anniversary Virtual Performance of "September Morning"

Last year, singers from around the country and beyond collaborated in a virtual performance of  "September Morning" in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of  9/11/2001.

​​You may listen by pressing the arrow at the right.  There will be a 10 second delay before the music begins.

​​SEPTEMBER MORNING  A Memorial Anthem after 9/11/2001 by David M. Kanter