​​SEPTEMBER MORNING  A Memorial Anthem after 9/11/2001 by David M. Kanter

"September Morning" is written in four verses with two spoken narrations.  The work is scored for SATB choir, organ (or piano), obligato trumpet and optional instrumental trio.  The second or third verse may be sung by a strong soloist in lieu of the full mens or womens section.  I have also written an organ postlude for use in congregational settings.

In performing this work please feel free to substitute instruments.  (Our church had available an excellent woodwind trio, and thus the narration and three verses were accompanied by flute, oboe and bassoon.)  An acute ear will also notice a trombone playing in verse 4 of the recorded version.

This part was borrowed from the score.

For the especially ambitious organist the postlude may be used as an interlude between verses 3 and 4.  This can be done by playing bars 1-28 of the postlude and then returning to the choral score for the fourth verse.  In this case, placement of the second narration would then be up to the director.

Permission is hereby given to include the words and melody line only in your programs with the following designation:  "Copyright 2002-2022  by David M. Kanter.  All rights reserved."

Audiences and congregations have much enjoyed singing these verses.

The Work

The Inspiration

"Storm clouds over World Trade Center "

Photo by Vanessa van der Have

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 many artists struggled to express their feelings.  I was one of them.  

inspiration was to create an early American style hymn tune to go with words I wrote at the time.  The words have been evolving since then, but the spirit of the anthem remains the same.  It was with devotion to the memory of all who died, and with great respect for those whose lives were forever changed by these events that I wrote  "September Morning".

David Kanter