Not long ago I was moved by the wrenching effect of the pandemic virus on the lives of performing artists, particularly the singers and musicians, my wife being one and I being the other. 

   We were just then seeing the brutal results of exposure to the Coronavirus among choirs.  These verses followed:


   On a lighter note, we are finalizing the drawings for a new children's book, the verses for which were written by myself some years ago and given recently to my cousin Ginger Balizer-Hendler to illustrate.  This new offering should be ready for submission to publishers by the end of the summer, and we're very excited about it!  

​​SEPTEMBER MORNING   An anthem after 9/11/01 by David M. Kanter

God bless the music makers

who tap the resoundings of the universe

with horns and strings and all vibrant things

to urge mankind's greatest aspirations.

God bless the singers,

through whose voices we can

briefly separate ourselves from the

harshness of the world, and connect

with the sanctity of life.

May your voices not long be still.

Copyright 2020  David M. Kanter