September Morning Organ Postlude

                        William Wisnom, Organ

                    Ed Kelly, Recording Engineer

September Morning by David M. Kanter

     Annick Kanter-St. Hubert, director

     Resurrection Catholic Church choir

    Kevin McKee, trumpet, Trio Ventoso

             William Wisnom, Organ

         Ed Kelly, Recording Engineer

      Martin Colbert, Video Production

​​SEPTEMBER MORNING  A Memorial Anthem after 9/11/2001 by David M. Kanter

Words & Music


“September Morning” by David M. Kanter


In the sky over Western Pennsylvania, an immense and beautiful bird flies.
In her belly, a play of morality is hastily improvised.  
The play is finished, and from the land a fine mist rises.

I was there on September Morning
In a world that was tranquil and bright
When the terror was delivered without warning
And the day was transformed into night
And I looked on the scene unbelieving
How could man to man be so unkind?
Yet I live. Still I live.
For a new September morning.

In the hours that followed there were stories
Of the heroes who gave up their lives
For as hundreds were fleeing from the buildings
There were some who would rush back inside
As the smoke and the dust overcame them
We would witness their noble sacrifice
Yet they live. Still they live.
In a legacy of glory.

In the skyline of our imagination
Lay the spirits of those who have died
And what building shall rise will enshrine them
And the beauty bestowed with their lives
On the plot which is known as ground zero
We will always reverently walk
For they live. Still they live.
On a new September morning.


Hugging the channel in Virginia,

The sprawling fortress barely moves in the attack.

Concrete layers reach down almost to the earth's own bedrock.

No matter-- the strike is felt deep within the martial commune.

The Pentagon bridles to respond, but is restrained.

​In the history of our beloved nation
Whose ideals we are called to defend
We have granted our debt to the Almighty
On whose help we will always depend
For the wisdom of our Founding Fathers,
who our greatest blessings did avail.
We may live. And be free.
As one nation under God, [as one nation under God],
Our nation shall not fail.

© Copyright 2002-2021, David M. Kanter

   All rights reserved.